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Astrological Remedies

Astrological Remedies

Good astrological consultations will tell you exactly where the problems in your horoscope are, as seen through an evolutionary, Jungian, traditional, mythological, or any other lens. The problem is that this is where most consultations end. It’s not unlike seeing a doctor for a broken leg, only to have the doctor view a scan, confirm that the leg is indeed broken, and then send the patient home without treatment. The story is different for Vedic (Jyotisha) astrologers, for whom remediation is an integral part of the process — the Vedic astrologer is customarily expected to diagnose the problem and then propose a remedy. In the West, however, the inseparable twin halves of the astrological consultation have been severed, resulting in the absurd scenario described above. 

A skilled astrologer can see the symbolic cause of a long-standing problem. For example, someone with an unstable job history filled with layoffs and bad luck might have a very afflicted tenth house, which governs the career, among other problematic factors in the horoscope. As a traditional astrologer and magician, I am familiar with various forms of planetary propitiation to help appease the planets, or more accurately, to align ourselves with planetary energies and establish a more constructive relationship with the planets and the areas of life they govern. In other cases, I may recommend clients chant mantras, highly potent phrases from the ancient Indian texts, the Vedas, that help us work through deep-seated issues. 

My Life Path Consultation includes a recommended remedy for each client to address problems that resist ordinary, rational solutions. A key advantage of a symbolic language like astrology is that the remedies also originate in the realm of symbols, rather than the “daytime” mind of reason. Astrological and Vedic remedies operate in the “night-time” or subconscious mind of the individual, as well as the unseen realm of myth and symbolism through which fate acts. 


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