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2008 Interview with James Herschel Holden

2008 Interview with James Herschel Holden

As a traditional astrologer, I have always been interested in not only the content of old astrological texts, but also the stories of how these often forgotten works have come down to us. This interest led me to pioneering and prolific translator of medieval astrological texts, James Herschel Holden, M.A. (1926-2013). In addition to many translations, Holden also wrote several seminal texts, including A History of Horoscopic Astrology (out of print but available second-hand), and the invaluable Biographical Dictionary of Western Astrologers. In 2008, I reached out to Mr. Holden and he graciously agreed to be interviewed. We had a long chat about his life, work, and astrological practice. I'm not aware of any other interviews with Mr. Holden, so I am especially pleased that he had a chance to talk about his long and productive career.

Nina Gryphon interviews James Herschel Holden (2008) (PDF).  If you would like to republish this interview or portions from it, please contact me for permission.



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