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Life Path Consultation and Forecast


Much more than just reading your natal horoscope, the 90-minute Life Consultation is a comprehensive exploration of your life’s purpose and offer remedial measures specific to your natal horoscope to help emphasize your good qualities and de-emphasize areas of difficulty. We will discuss the role your past lives played in shaping your current situation, and any past issues and strengths impacting the present. A major focus of the reading is your future development, so we will examine the path you are on, and where you are headed in the longer term, as a forecast of coming trends and events. 

I use a variety of traditional techniques, both Western and Eastern, to create a complete picture of your soul path and purpose. Jyotish techniques explain in detail why you chose the life path you did, while Western astrological methods excel in showing the concrete ways your soul’s choices will manifest.

The most unique part of the Life Consultation is the remedial advice offered to clients. The remedies offered draw on traditional Western astrological magical techniques, as well as ancient Vedic spiritual and remedial methods, tailored to your particular situation and needs.

The cost for the Life Consultation reflects the extensive preparation required to delve into the details of your natal chart. I also strongly recommend that we follow up with a regular natal consultation (details here) in about a year’s time to assess your situation and to update any recommended remedies.

All Life Consultations are done via Zoom. After the consultation, you will receive a recording of our session, and the supporting charts/materials.

Monthly Magical Elections is a downloadable PDF e-book.

Horary and Electional Consultations are provided via email.

Life Path and Natal Consultations are via Zoom. You will be able to schedule your Zoom consultation during checkout.

Life Path Consultation and Forecast



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