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February 2024 Monthly Magical Elections


Magical Elections are a monthly e-book describing the best times and methods for making astrological talismans through astrological magic.

Here’s what’s in February's Magical Elections!

  • Jupiter in 1st decan of Taurus. Fertility, farming, wealth and increase.
  • Mars in Capricorn (2 elections) for courage, victory, and protection
  • In addition, each monthly issue includes:
    • An introductory overview of that month’s magical elections and planetary symbolism to inspire your ritual ideas
    • Detailed key concepts to know before you begin
    • A magical lesson (February's lesson is about the decans in magic)
    • A growing section of additional resources for astrological mages.

        What Are Magical Elections? Finding the right time for your magical workings can be time-consuming and technical; so let me help! You can empower your magical practice by incorporating the element of right timing with astrology. I select a few auspicious dates/times every month to support you in your magical work. In addition to an in-depth analysis of the carefully chosen elections, I also recommend traditional materials for you to use for maximum magical potency, the angels and spirits to invoke, and the magical images associated with each talisman. The downloadable Magical Elections PDF contains all the information you need to make astrological magic work for you in the coming month, including a new monthly mini-lesson on this arcane but powerful art.

        My work draws on the ancient, medieval, and Renaissance Western magical tradition, and encompasses numerous sources, from the Picatrix and al-Kindi to Thabit Ibn Qurra, all the way to the 15th and 16th-century European grimoires.

        How to buy: You can purchase Magical Elections on this page for 20 USD, or you can become a Patron at Patreon, under the Magus Patron Tier. The Patreon cost is 37 USD/month, and includes all of the lower tiers’ benefits, such as monthly astro-magical Q&A with me, exclusive astrology and predictive videos only available at the higher tiers, and early access to all astrological and magical videos on the Patreon. The other convenience of this arrangement is that Patreon lets you access Magical Elections automatically, without having to go through the purchasing process each month.

        Delivery: If you ordered this month's elections and have not received an automated email with a download link after 24 hours, please contact me. Please be sure to check your Spam/Junk folder first!

        Your Location: All elections are set for Los Angeles, California, so unless you live there, you will need to run the chart in your software or online for the same time and your own location. You may need to adjust the chart in your astrology software until you get the same degree and sign on the Ascendant as in the PDF. When you adjust the chart, the Moon will have moved and may be applying to a different planet in your location. The Moon’s applying aspects are essential in electing for magical purposes, so evaluate whether the relocated election still meets your needs. More information on relocating charts is in each month's PDF.

        Monthly Magical Elections is a downloadable PDF e-book.

        Horary and Electional Consultations are provided via email.

        Life Path and Natal Consultations are via Zoom. You will be able to schedule your Zoom consultation during checkout.

        February 2024 Monthly Magical Elections